Our environment and our daily choices create normal or abnormal conditions within our bodies.

Abnormal conditions include:

  • eating foods that lack essential nutrients
  • drinking beverages that remove essential nutrients from the body and create chemical imbalances
  • prolonged or regular use of antacids, especially H2 blockers or proton pump inhibitors
  • using antacids as a calcium source
  • poor nerve supply
  • lack of exercise
  • not drinking enough water
  • smoking
  • use of steroids
  • and other factors

Disease processes are simply the body’s natural adaptation to abnormal conditions.

Over time, these natural adaptations include
development of abnormal cells that eventually show up as organs and systems that malfunction and don’t work properly.

These malfunctions are given names. They are chronic conditions – malfunctions or dis-eases – and they are called diabetes, cancer, kidney failure, osteoporosis, osteopenia, arthritis, and others.

How osteopenia, osteoporosis, and other chronic health conditions and diseases are created

Cells of the body have normal life cycles. At the end of a cell’s normal life, it dies and it is broken down.

If conditions are normal, a new, normal cell will replace it.

If conditions are not normal, a similar cell, but one that does not function properly, may instead replace that cell.

Over time, when abnormal cells have replaced enough normal cells, we finally have an organ that no longer functions normally.

In the case of osteoporosis, cancers, diabetes, and other chronic diseases, this process continues for years without any signs or symptoms.

When symptoms finally do occur, the doctor is called to diagnose the condition and label it with the name of a disease.

That is how we get sick and develop disease, including gradual bone loss that becomes osteopenia, then osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis Prevention Guidelines

Since abnormal conditions develop into disease with time… if we change these conditions back to normal, can our body develop health?

Yes. With time, although in many diseases, there may be a point of no return – so correcting the conditions by making better choices is better done sooner than later.

To restore health, to reverse osteoporosis, we must remove abnormal conditions.

We must create normal conditions -‘right’ conditions – such as more water, better food, essential vitamins, and regular exercise.

The body will respond by replacing abnormal cells, as they complete their life cycle, with cells that are more normal.

In fact, this is the only way healing takes place.

The osteoporosis prevention guidelines apply to other chronic dis-eases, and could also be considered natural or alternative osteoporosis treatment guidelines.

By taking actions that create better conditions for your body, changes can take place inside the body. Damaged, abnormal cells inside the body heal – rather, they are gradually replaced – one cell at a time.

By creating better, more normal conditions, organs can eventually function normally again. As your body begins to work better, your pain and other symptoms will gradually fade, and health can be restored.

Natural Guide to Preventing Osteoporosis and Other Chronic Diseases

Abnormally low bone density is called osteopenia and osteoporosis.

There are action steps every person with low bone density can take to help the body build stronger bone. In fact, many of the same action steps will help anyone with a chronic health problem improve the overall function of their body and make their dis-ease less severe.

While we cannot change the genetic factors, we can ask our genes to express their potential at the highest level they can. This includes developing the best bone density they have the potential for, by creating conditions of wellness to allow better expression of our genetic makeup.

We can choose to do things that reduce our rate of bone loss, and improve our ability to rebuild our cells. For example, we know that drinking colas is a primary cause of bone loss:

  • Dark colas contain phosphoric acid, a flavor enhancer that causes bone loss.
  • Phosphoric acid combines with calcium, which is then removed from the body.
  • As little as 8- to 12-ounces of a dark soda a day is enough to cause accelerated bone loss.
  • Plus, phosphoric acid changes the pH of the blood stream.
  • Calcium is used to buffer the increased acidity by combining with the excess phosphorus. The calcium (and phosphorus) are then removed from the body.
  • Excess phosphorus creates imbalances with thyroid, pituitary and other hormones that contribute to bone loss.
  • Thyroid problems & estrogen changes during menopause contribute to bone loss.

Calcium is needed in the blood, and when the blood runs low, the body goes to the calcium warehouse – bone – to get more. Calcium can be removed from bones faster than it can be replaced.

Eventually, the warehouse is depleted, and bones become weak and fragile, and a bone density test reports we have osteopenia or osteoporosis.

Reports in the literature are clear – bone loss can be stopped and reversed.

First we must fix the problem (mineral loss / abnormal conditions), before the solution (right conditions) will work.

That is the way osteoporosis can reverse and become osteopenia, and how osteopenia can become normal.

Use This Simple Guide To Prevent Osteoporosis, or As An Natural Osteoporosis Treatment Guideline

  • No beverages (especially dark colas) that contain phosphoric acid. If you enjoy the bubbles and ice cubes, at least switch to a light colored beverage without phosphoric acid.
  • Eventually, make water or tea your beverage of choice. Add lemon for flavor, vitamin C and bioflavinoids.
  • Exercise is a critical factor in rebuilding bone. Physical stresses placed on bone and muscles from activity make bones and muscles stronger. Walking 30 minutes every day is enough to make a change. Easy exercise is a necessary and natural way to stop and reverse osteoporosis.
  • Make vegetables, grains, legumes, seeds, & fruits the basis of your diet. Remember, vegetables and grains are your best sources of all the minerals.
  • Reduce your intake of animal-based foods.
  • 1,000 mg/day or more of Vitamin C. It must be present for the body to build collagen fiber, to which the calcium and other minerals of bone cells attach.
  • Use a common-sense approach with your diet & nutrition. Make water your beverage of choice, and insist on eating 5 servings each and every day of veggies & fruits.
  • Add a little, good quality (from plants) calcium, magnesium, and Vitamin D to your daily routine.
  • Find a plant-based multivitamin-multimineral to be as sure as you can that you are not missing something important.
  • Find a plant-based, natural hormone replacement if needed.

This osteoporosis prevention guideline is really very simple. These activities and choices will help you build a little more bone, strong bone, every day.

Much more than that, these are the things of lifestyle that impact your general health.

If you are persistant, you don’t have to worry about getting it perfect. Besides, nobody knows what perfect is – we just do the best we can with what we have.

Can you change the direction of your health? You bet!


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